Education areas:

  • sexual violence, violence against women;
  • sexual rights, female sexuality;
  • sexual and gender equality;
  • trafficking women for sexual exploitation;
  • LGBTQ population.

Methodology of education varies, it is adjusted to beneficiaries and includes:

  • Lectures;
  • Workshops and trainings (one-day or several days long);
  • Round tables;
  • Public panels.

Target groups:

  • women in general
  • representatives of relevant state institutions
  • representatives of civil society organizations
  • youth
  • LGBTIQ population persons
  • society at large

Number of beneficiaries of education organized by the Women’s Room in the period 2003-2017


Scholarly research conducted by the Women’s Room aims at better insight in the issues connected to the areas of work of the Women’s Room.

The following research has been conducted (published) so far:

  • Attitudes of political parties on LGBT rights before the 2003 elections in Croatia (2003)
  • Attitudes and knowledge of seniors in relevant university faculties on sexual violence (2004)Reality of Women’s Sexual Rights in Croatia (2005)
  • Experiences of LGBTIQ population with psychosocial providers in Croatia (2005)
  • Attitudes and experiences of psychologists towards LGBTIQ population (2005)
  • The gender prism of the sexual rights of youth (2006-2007)
  • Research on the issue of human trafficking in Croatia (2006-2008)
  • Civil society organizations rendering specialized services to women victims of violence as key actors in the process of democratization of society (2010)
  • Protection of rights and providing assistance to victims/witnesses of domestic violence (2010)
  • Report “Sexual violence in Croatia in 2000 – 2010” (2011);
  • “Gender, gender roles, sexuality, violence” (2011);
  • “Analysis of the role, capacity and sustainability of civil society organizations working to combat violence against women” (2016).


The Centre for Victims of Sexual Violence provides direct and indirect support and support for victims of sexual violence, undertaking the following activities:

  • support in the process of reporting sexual violence (accompanying to the police, hospital, State Attorney’s Office, court, social welfare center);
  • preparation for court proceedings;
  • counseling and therapy: crisis counseling (legal and psychological, information on available services in the health system), therapeutic work for dealing with traumatic experiences;
  • information and counseling for persons close to victims;
  • developing and publishing of various materials intended for survivors of sexual violence.


Development of and publishing:

  • Flyers, postcards, stickers, bookmarks, planners, menstrual calendars and other promotional materials
  • Brochures, textbooks and books on sexual rights, sexuality and sexual violence
  • Translation and publishing landmark books in the area of sexual violence and sexual rights
The following books, textbooks and brochures have so far been published:
  • 2004: “Sexual Violence in Schools”, “Sexual Violence – Theory and Practice “
  • 2005: “Sexual Rights – the Future of Equality“, “It’s Cool to Know – a textbook for youth on the issue of human trafficking“, “Sexual Violence – Theory and Practice“, „Transgressing Gender: Two is not enough for Gender (E)Quality. Conference collection“ (in English and Croatian)
  • 2006: “The Reality of Women’s Sexual Rights in Croatia. Research Results“, “Creation of Sex? Gender?“, „Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders, the International Gender Dysphoria Association Harry Benjamin“ (translation), Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Clients, the American Psychological Society (translation)
  • 2007: “Sexual Violence in Schools“ – second, revised edition, “Sexual Violence – how to recognize and prevent it“, “Sexuality among Seniors – identifying and removing existing prejudice “
  • 2008: “Creation of Sex? Gender?“  – second, revised edition, “Creation of Sex? Gender?“ – English edition , „abcYES! Gender Equality“, „Surviving Sexual Violence“ (translation of Liz Kelly)
  • 2009: “Don’t be Afraid of a Shadow “ – a brochure for victims of sexual violence, journal on human trafficking “We Are Still Struggling“
  • 2010: “Civil society organizations rendering special services to women – victims of violence as key actors in the process of democratization of society”
  • 2011. «Sexual violence in Croatia 2000 – 2010»  (In English and Croatian)


  • Long term coordination of the Network for the Cooperation between Government Institutions and Non-Government Organizations against Sexual Violence;
  • Development of the Regional network against sexual violence;
  • Organization of a regional conference on sexual violence (June 2008);
  • Active participation in the Working Group for Analyzing the Situation and Development of the Action Plan for Combating Violence against Women (the Office for Gender Equality of the Government of the Republic of Croatia) in their creation of the Protocol on conduct in cases of sexual violence;
  • Development of different documents and participation in development of public policy against sexual violence (e.g. “Recommendations for changes related to sexual violence: legislative changes, protection of victims and development of prevention programs”, 2006;
  • Development of efficient programs of support for persons who survived some form of sexual violence;
  • Lobbying for changes in attitudes towards sexual violence in society;
  • Organization of and participation in local and international seminars and conferences;
  • Organization of the International Transgressing Gender Conference (October 2005);
  • Lobbying and capacity building of non-government organizations and government institutions regarding sexual rights.