Theater play “Why me?”

In the scope of the project “Through acting against violence,” implemented by the Women’s Room, and supported by the City Office of Education, Culture and Sports of the City of Zagreb, a theater performance “Why me?” on the subject of human trafficking was organized on December 4, 2012.
The aim of the play is to educate youth about the problem of human trafficking and the dangers which they may encounter in their employment search. In addition, the goal is to familiarize them with the mechanisms of protection and to actively involve them in the prevention and combating of this problem. The play shows the process of trafficking in human beings, from the recruitment to the final stage, so-called exploitation phase.
The play was created through the establishment of a drama group “Minimalists” led by Maja Vukmanić (project coordinator, social pedagogist, the Women’s Room) and Ana Đordić (Prof. Croatian language and literature, XIII. Gymnasium in Zagreb). Drama group “Minimalists” is comprised of: Robert Budak, Marta Dugandžić, Valentina Lončarić, Ana Pavlović, Tomislav Brodarić and Luka Žučko, students at the University of Zagreb.