15th Anniversary of Women’s Social Democratic Forum

The Women’s Forum of Social Democratic Party celebrated 15 years with the conference “Gender Equality – Let’s Achieve It Together”. The conference was held on July 3, 2010 in Hotel Sheraton. Maja Vukmanić, Coordinator of the Center for Victims of Sexual Violence represented Women’s Room. Conference included three panels: “Society in Transition – Challenge for Gender Equality”, “Gender Equality for Social and Democratic Development” and “Gender Equality Needs Partnerships”. Some of the presenters were: Mirjana Ferić-Vac (president of Women’s Forum of SDP), Zoran Milanović (president of SDP), Milanka Opačić (vice president of SDP), Gordana Sobol (president of the Committee on Gender Equality of the Croatian Parliament), Gordana Lukač Koritnik (Ombudsperson for Gender Equality of the Republic of Croatia), Željka Antunović (member of SDP Presidency, vice president of the Croatian Parliament) and numerous others who contributed to the quality of the conference with their long-term experience.