19th Annual Conference of Croatian Psychologists in Osijek

19th Annual Conference of Croatian Psychologists was organized in Osijek from October 12 to 15, 2011. Members of the Women’s Room have been very active in the annual conferences. We accomplish our work through Sections on Psychology of Sexuality and Psychology of Gender. Maja Mamula chairs the latter one.A workshop and a symposium were organized this year.

Workshop themed «Ask sexual therapist» was held on October 13, and it was co-led by Maja Mamula and Goran Arbanas. Despite early morning time slot and change in schedule, 47 psychologists were in attendance.
Symposium of the Section titled «Different approach – similar goals» was held on October 15 and 50 psychologists attended. It included eight presentations, and the Women’s Room’s members presented the following ones:
Sexual functioning among people with psoriasis (Arbanas, G., Mamula, M., Cvitanović, H.)
Sexual dysfunction related to different categories of mental disorders (Ivezić, E., Arbanas, G., Maroević, S., Mužinić, L.)
Risky behavior of youth (Šamanović, I.)
Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful in the world – physical appearance and gender differences (Mamula, M., Arbanas, G., Mehić, N., Bistrović, I.)