3rd scientific-professional symposium devoted to issues of violence

3rd biennial scientific symposium was held in Osijek from November 25 to 27, 2010. Symposium was devoted to issues of violence and the aim was to bring together experts of different professions who deal with issues of violence: prevention, causes and consequences, in order to establish optimal forms of prevention and minimize consequences of violence through multidisciplinary approach.

The topic of the symposium was Psychosocial Aspects of Violence in Contemporary Society – Challenge to Families, Schools and Communities.

Coordinator of Women’s Room, Maja Mamula, MA, presented lecture Gender-based Violence – Situation in Croatia and the Role of Civil Society Organizations. In the scope of the lecture, research findings were presented about civil society organizations that provide specialized services to women victims of violence. This research was conducted during 2010 with the financial support of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Presentation was attended by 80 experts of different professions who work in the area of violence.