Another Award for Women’s Room’s Campaign

Women’s Room received yesterday (Nov 9th, 2010) the OUTWARD  award in the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb,. Maja Mamula was presented with the award for the 1st place in the category: city light series. This is an annual award for the best design of large posters, established in 2001 by outdoors advertising company Outdoor akzent with the aim of promotion and awarding the quality and creativity of poster designs.

This award result of the work of the agency of market communication McCann Erickson, which created series of poster’s “A Doll – room and the office” for Women’s Room’s media campaign in scope of the project Zero Tolerance to Sexual Violence.

This is already third award that Women’s Room’s campaign has received. We received the first one last November from the Netherlands from the festival Eurobest, where the campaign was awarded bronze in the category of creative use of media. The creator of the idea, copywriter and creative director of the interactive print ad is Vanja Blumenšajn from Imago Agency, who has been pronounced the Creative Person of the Year at the Independent Festival of Creative Communications – Judgement Day, and the ad of Women’s Room was awarded in the categories: print ad and use of new media. A jury of 200 creative persons from Croatia voted for these awards, which gives them special meaning.

Women’s Room would like to thank everyone who contributed through ideas and work in realization of this campaign and assisted in raising public awareness about the issue of sexual violence, which continues to be marginalized topic in our society.

Also, we would like to thank everyone for investing energy in advancing the quality of wok of Women’s Room. We would like to congratulate awardees with wishes for many future awards for their work!

Team of Women’s Room