Celebrating the International Women’s Day

Ombudswoman for Gender Equality, Višnja Ljubičić, and three women’s union groups – Women’s Section of the Alliance of Independent Croatian Unions, Women’s Committee of the Independent Croatian Unions, and Women’s Coordination of Croatian Union Association, organized a celebration of the International Women’s Day. The performance “They are among us” was created by Mario Kovač, in collaboration with Petra Radin and participation of: Mia Begović (actress), Ina Čavlina (director), Dora Delbianco (playwright), Sanja Doležal (singer), Marija Husar (singer), Ivona Juka (director), Marija Khon (actress), Jasmina Lovrić (scientist), Larisa Navojec (choreographer), Barbara Nola (actress), Željka Ogresta (producer), Ecija Ojdanić (actress), Mirela Priselac Remy (singer), Maja Sever (journalist), Anica Tomić (director), Davorka Vidović (scientist ), Nina Violić (actress), activists volunteers, among them Paula Zore, a member of the Women’s Room.

Through the presentation of several stories of women victims of sexual harassment, the performance reminded everyone of discrimination and violence against women in the workplace. In addition, leaflet and guide for union representatives and lawyers “Gender discrimination and harassment in employment and labor market” was promoted.