Educational film “We were just joking!” made

On Sunday, March 27, 2010, the hallway of the Women’s Room served as a hallway of a secondary school in which future actresses and actors from the Acting School of the Zagreb Youth Theater, under the guidance of Lada Bonacci, acted out their first film roles. Film titled “We were just joking!” was made as a part of the project “Prevention of sexual violence – new generation” funded by the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport. It will be used as educational material for workshops about the prevention of sexual harassment.Film was directed by Boris Krstinić, scriptwriter was Ivana Karačonji, in cooperation with Jelena Bičanić, Maja Mamula, Maja Vukmanić and Jadranka Žarković. Videorapher was Tomislav Mareković, editing and audio work was made by Costa Ipsa with the editing assistant Danilo Cakovic.

  Ella Bogardi, Filip Jurković, Sven Ložnjak, Nikola Nedić,

Dora Palić, Nika Stanko i Damjan Krstinić