Special attention is devoted to systematic active work on the development of public policies against sexual violence through membership in committees, working groups, teams and councils. WR members are actively involved in 12 such bodies. Committees, working groups, teams and committees in which members of the Women’s Room participate: 

  1. National Team for Prevention and Combating Domestic Violence and Violence against Women 
  2. Gender Equality Committee of City of Zagreb Assembly 
  3. City of Zagreb Committee for Protection from Domestic Violence 
  4. Working group for the improvement of the legislative framework for protection against violence against women and domestic violence and the preparation of analysis and proposals for relevant changes to the Criminal Procedure Act, the Criminal Code, the Act on Protection from Domestic Violence, the Law on Courts, the Ordinance on the Manner of Execution of Precautionary Measures, and the Ordinance on the Manner of Conducting Individual Victim Assessment 
  5. Working group concerned with drafting the National Plan for Combating Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment 
  6. Working group concerned with drafting the National Plan for Gender Equality, for period 2022 – 2027 
  7. Working group for the development of the National Plan for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights and Combating Discrimination 2019 – 2024 
  8. Working group of civil society organizations concerned with monitoring hate speech 
  9. Working group for changes to the Rules of Procedure in Cases of Sexual Violence 
  10. Committee concerned with monitoring and advancing support system for victims and witnesses (Ministry of Justice and Administration) 
  11. Council for monetary compensation to victims of criminal offences 
  12. Femicide Watch