Description of the Women's room

The Women’s Room (WR) is the feminist, non-profit civil society organization, founded in 2002 with a goal of preventing and combating sexual violence, direct service provision and assistance to survivors of sexual violence as well as promotion and protection of sexual rights.

The work of WR is based on different perspectives, including the voices and experiences of survivors of sexual violence, helpers, experts, advocates, and researchers. We are committed to social justice and human rights in developing services for survivors of sexual violence that are accessible, inclusive, trauma informed and culturally sensitive.

WR integrates advocacy activities in the area of ​​sexual violence based on human rights and a gender-sensitive approach. We recognize the strength of survivors and respect their diverse experiences, create a supportive environment for healing and developing resilience, provide services to sexual violence survivors and communities, and support activism and social change.

The Center for Victims of Sexual Violence operates within the WR, where we provide direct assistance and support to survivors of sexual violence and to those close to them.

We actively work on developing public policies, prevention programs, advancement and amendments of legislation, delivering specialized educations as well as on raising public awareness on sexual violence issue.