About us

The Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights is a feminist, non-profit, civil society organization established in 2002 with the aim of prevention and combating sexual violence, providing direct support and assistance to persons who survived sexual violence as well as promotion and protection of sexual rights.

Our vision is a society free from patriarchy, discrimination, misogyny and violence against women, where individual choice is the fundamental value.

Within the scope of the Women’s Room, the Center for Victims of Sexual Violence provides direct assistance and support to persons who have survived sexual violence. We actively work on developing public policies, prevention programs, improvement of legislation, implementing specialized education as well as raising awareness about the problem of sexual violence.

The organization was founded in 2002 in Zagreb and works on local and regional levels.


  • Protection of human rights with an emphasis on women’s human rights;
  • Combating sexual violence: direct work with persons who survived sexual violence, development of public policy and effective practices for work with victims, development of prevention mechanisms and programs;
  • Promotion and protection of sexual rights in accordance with the Declaration of Sexual Rights.


  • Active advocacy for the promotion of gender equality based on feminist principles and values;
  • Empowerment of women to actively demand and protect basic women’s human rights;
  • Active work on the prevention and combating of all forms of violence against women, with emphasis on sexual violence and violence in family, through assistance and support to victims; the design and implementation of prevention programs and specialized education; the development of mechanisms and policies for combating these forms of violence; and systematic monitoring of these mechanisms and policies in practice;
  • Direct work with persons who survived sexual violence through counseling (psychological counseling, legal counseling, crisis counseling, information on available services in the health system) and therapeutic work, including preparation for court proceedings and work with persons close to victims of sexual violence;
  • Empowerment of children and youth in combating sexual, gender and sexual discrimination;
  • Active work on the protection and promotion of the rights of children and youth and the prevention of sexual violence against and among children and youth;
  • Promotion and protection of sexual rights in accordance with the Declaration on Sexual Rights;
  • Active advocacy against discrimination based on sex, gender, gender expression and/or gender identity, sexual orientation and intersex characteristics;
  • Empowerment and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) populations in demanding and protecting their basic human rights;
  • Advocating non-violence and active participation in peace processes.


  • women in general;
  • persons who survived sexual violence;
  • women who experienced any form of violence against women;
  • children and youth;
  • representatives of competent state bodies and institutions;
  • representatives of civil society organizations and civic initiatives;
  • students;
  • LGBTIQ persons;
  • citizens –  general population.


  • Developing educational programs and methods;
  • Organizing and conducting workshops, trainings, round tables, conferences and lectures aimed at fostering professional development and raising awareness among target groups of Women’s Room;
  • Familiarizing Croatian experts with various existing models and practices in the field of prevention, treatment and combating gender-based violence, with a special focus on sexual violence;
  • Familiarizing Croatian experts with various existing models and practices in the field of sexual rights;
  • Encouraging and conducting studies about target areas of work of Women’s Room;
  • Organizing and providing free expert assistance and support to victims of gender-based violence, with special focus on sexual violence, by providing medical, psychological and legal counseling and psychotherapy aimed at coping with trauma, preparing for court proceedings and counseling for those close to the victim;
  • Developing new and improving existing models of operation when working with survivors of sexual violence in institutions (hospitals, police, schools, prisons, courts) and implementing them;
  • Publishing activities from the field of operation of Women’s Room;
  • Collecting, archiving and classifying books and other materials available to members and all interested parties;
  • Cooperating and networking with national, regional and international organizations, associations and institution which share similar goals;
  • Monitoring and lobbying for legal harmonisations with international conventions, declarations and other legal mechanisms referring to gender-based violence, with focus on sexual violence and sexual rights;
  • Monitoring and lobbying for legal harmonisations with international conventions referring to sexual and gender minorities.
Members of: PETRA – the network of non-government organizations for preventing and eliminating women’s trafficking, AWID The Association for Women’s Rights in Development, the National Committee against human trafficking, ILGA International Lesbian and Gay Association, SEE Q Network, ASTRA – Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, EIDHR.
  • Over 1.520 educational events held
  • Over 54.00 participants at educational events
  • Over 120 different printed materials in areas of work published
  • 14 pioneer research projects undertaken
  • The first and only Centre for Victims of Sexual Violence opened in Croatia in 2008
  • Over 4.310 counselling sessions held with over 1.250 persons
  • The first media campaign “STOP Sexual Violence“ implemented in Croatia in 2009
  • The blog “Women’s Room – Women’s Voice” initiated on the webpage of the Večernji list in 2009
  • Organization coordinator Maja Mamula MA elected the Zagreb Woman of the Year in 2010
  • Women’s Room member Antonija Hojt received the Volunteer Oscar for 2010
  • Launched web site “Safe Zone” (www.sigurnomjesto.hr)
  • Launched public campaign against violence against women “In three clicks choose a life free of violence
  • Launched a public campaign against violence against women “In Three Clicks Choose a Life free of Violence!” in 2012;
  • Launched a public campaign against violence against women “Seize a Life Free of Violence!” in 2014;
  • First international conference on sexual violence in Croatia System of Public Policies and Support for Victims of Sexual Violence” in the Croatian Parliament