Women’s Room’s Research Presented

On November 18, 2010, Women’s Room organized round table in the European House, regarding presentation of the research “Civil Society Organizations which Provide Specialized Services to Women Victims of Violence as Key Actors in the Process of Democratization of the Society” which was conducted this year with financial support of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Topic of round table, as well as of the research, was civil society organizations that provide specialized services to women victims of violence as key actors in the process of democratization of the society.


After presenting research results, Maja Mamula gave word to round table guests who provided reflection on the research, but also opened a set of topics for discussion. Representatives of civil society organizations and institutions, associates and supporters of Women’s Room’s work joined discussion. Speakers at the round table included: Gordana Sobol, deputy in the Parliament and a president of the Committee for Gender Equality of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, Andreja Smajlović, expert advisor, Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and Suzana Kunac, member of the association B.a.B.e. and a representative of the Council for Civil Society Development.This research came as a result of a need to identify the real number, types, as well as forms of work of civil society organizations with women who are victims of all forms of violence. Apart from that, we were interested in researching how much work has been done in Croatia in regards to the protection of victims in adherance to Recommendations of the Council of Europe.

For more information about the research, see our brochure.