Lecture at the Scientific-expert conference dedicated to the issues of violence

Maja Mamula participated in the 4th scientific-expert conference dedicated to the issues of violence, which took place from November 29 to December 1, 2012 in Osijek. The organizers were the Department of Psychology at the University of Osijek and Osijek Psychological Society in cooperation with the Croatian Psychological Chamber and the Croatian Psychological Association. The conference is held biennially, and each time has a specific theme. This year’s theme was violence and mental health – an interdisciplinary approach. As evidenced by this year’s theme, it gathered experts from different fields, which is a great advantage for joint efforts in the area of combating violence.
Maja Mamula and Ivana Dijanić Plašć held a presentation “A typical victim of domestic violence in the Republic of Croatia – socio-demographic profile,” stemming from results of a research conducted in 2010 by the Office for Gender Equality and the Women’s Room.