Lecture “Gender-based Violence”

On March 1, 2009, Maja Mamula (Women’s Room) participated as a lecturer at the training Women’s Political Participation in the Places of Influence and Power organized by the Center for Support and Development of Civil Society – Dolphin from Pakrac. The title of the lecture was “Gender-based Violence”. Training lasted for three days and it was organized in Terme Jezerčica in Donja Stubica. Participants consisted of representatives of different political parties and civil society organizations from Požeško- slavonska County.Training was facilitated by Mirjana Bilopavlović from Dolphin, and lecturers were Branka Starčević Tesari, president of the Commission for Gender Equality of the Požeško-slavonska County, Gordana Sobol, member of the Parliament, Anamarija Gospočić, CESI, Larisa Petrović, Office for Human Rights of the Government of Croatia and Zdenka Čuhnil, member of the Parliament.


Training for police: Zero tolerance to sexual violence
Women’s Room has organized one-day training for police employees in Hotel Palace, in Zagreb on February 27, 2009. This training was a part of the PHARE program Zero Tolerance to Sexual Violence.20 police employees attended training from different police stations of the Zagreb Police Authority. Most of participants work in the field of blood and sexual offences. Aim of the training was raising awareness and education of police employees about specific needs of victims of sexual violence. Trainers with long-term experience in this field delivered training: Maja Mamula, MA, psychologist (Women’s Room), Neda Pavić, lawyer (County’s State Attorney’s Office, Zagreb) and Đurđica Kolarec, social pedagogyst (Center for Women War Victims ROSA). Training included short theoretical presentations, examples from the practice, exercises as well as Q&A and discussions. The work atmosphere was great and the interest and motivation of participants was extremely high for this type of issues.

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