Meeting of the European Commission: “Raising awareness to combat violence against women and girls”

Maja Mamula from the Women’s Room has participated as an independent expert at the European Commission meeting in London on February 7 and 8, 2012. The meeting was held in order to exchange good practices in the area of gender equality, and the theme was“Raising awareness to combat violence against women and girls.”

The meeting was attended by representatives from 15 countries (2 representative from each country – people from relevant institutions/authorities and independent experts), the European Commission and the European Institute for Gender Equality. Public campaigns from the United Kingdom and Greece have been presented, while all participants had the opportunity to talk about examples of campaigns and preventive actions against violence against women and girls in their countries.

Before the meeting, independent experts had an obligation to send brief reports on violence against women and girls, with an emphasis on prevention activities in their countries, which will be posted on the official website of the European Commission.