One Billion Rising: Dance Uprising

Founder of the global V-Day, Eve Ensler, has launched a new global campaign to end violence against women, in which you can take part by – dancing.

This year, V-Day – a global movement against violence against women and girls marks 15 years of combating violence against women and girls. However, traditional performance of Vagina Monologues by the author Eve Ensler, which “promotes awareness about violence against women and women’s activism against violence against women and girls,” has lost the strength and visibility, and the ‘mother of the movement’, Ensler created a new campaign.

The campaign is called One Billion Rising, which is an estimated number of abused women in the world. The official announcement says how One Billion Rising is a “global protest and call to women to dance thereby refusing to accept the status quo as long as rape and the culture of violence do note cease to exist. It emphasizes solidarity, which aims to demonstrate the unity of women’s struggle, but also the power of their numbers. Billion rising is the call to millions of abused women, the men who love them, women who have been beaten, raped, economically devalued and sold, as well as those who know that the destruction of women leads to the end of humankind, to come out of their homes, take over the streets and squares, invite their friends, protest and dance … ”

In Zagreb, this dance uprising will take place in Zrinjevac on February 14 at 2 pm. It is being organized by the Centre for Women Studies, the Center for Women War Victims, the Women’s Room, K-Zone, an Association of Persons with Disabilities of Croatia, UNDP Croatia, and prominent individuals.

Action is supported by public figures who will celebrate this Valentine’s Day through singing, playing music and dancing in protest against the violence. Among them are: Nina Romić, Zdenka Kovačiček, Maja Vučić, Le Zbor, Žen, U pol 9 kod Sabe, Apokalipso, Hladno pivo, Boa, Goran Bogdan, Goran Navojec, Vesna Mimica and VEM, 5 Ritmova, Centar salsa, COREnesa … . and many, many others … One Billion Rising Croatia invites citizens of Croatia to get involved in this global protest and come to Zrinjevac on February 14 (2-6 pm).