Our voice against violence

Our voice against the violence is a theme that Maja Mamula, Ph. D. addressed in the City Library in Požega. Maja Mamula is, among other, an expert and activist for women’s human rights, coordinator of the Women’s Room, lecturer at the Croatian Studies, Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, award recipient of the Woman of the Year from the City of Zagreb. The lecture was organized by the City of Požega on the occasion of the Day of the City and the International Women’s Day in order to sensitize the public and empower them to combat violence.According to data from the Požega-Slavonia Police Administration, last year 360 people were reported for family violence misdemeanor, which included 297 men and 63 women. There were also four reports of the offense of violent conduct within a family in which four people were injured, three women and one man. Maja Mamula noted that some positive changes are noticeable due to mechanisms for gender equality but that in order to achieve better results, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between different institutions and civil society organizations for the benefit of the victim, so that she becomes a priority, along with the provision of long-term assistance to victims survivors of violence.To mark the International Women’s Day, mr. sc. Ivan Čolak extended congratulations, on behalf of the Mayor Zdravko Ronko, and gave a rose to each woman participating in the event. The music gift was performed by the guitar quartet of students from the Music School, Laura Bušić, Silvester Fridrich, Monika Banović and Dominik Šporčić. The program was complemented by fragments of famous films about women’s side of reality.