Presentation of the website “Safe Zone”

The Women’s Room presented on February 22, 2012, at Hotel Dubrovnik website “Safe Zone”, intended for women who are victims of violence, as well as institutions and civil society organizations that work on this very important social issue.


Presentation of the website was opened by Anita Valo from Meritas with the song, “You know” which is the official song of this campaign and speaks about violence against women. Audience also had the opportunity to hear radio jingles created and recorded for this campaign. Following were the keynote presentations through which presenters expressed their support for the campaign:


  • mr. sc. Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš, Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia
  • mr. sc. Helena Štimac Radin, Office for Gender Equality of the Republic of Croatia
  • Branka Žigante Živković, sutkinja Visokog prekršajnog suda, a judge at the High Misdemeanor Court
Coordinator of the Women’s Room, Maja Mamula, presented the “Safe Zone” website, and the presentation was concluded with music by Anita Valo and Meri Jaman from Meritas and Jelena Radan that moved everyone present.


Moderation of the whole event was a contribution to the campaign “In three clicks choose a life free of violence” given by Ida Prester.


Website “Safe Zone” is part of a national campaign against violence against women ” In three clicks choose a life free of violence,” which is financially supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth, and the City of Zagreb – Office for Social Welfare and People with Disabilities, which is a partner on the project.Web site consists of two parts. The part intended for victims includes the ability to search the relevant institutions and organizations to find assistance. It also includes information related to the types of violence, prevalence, consequences, frequently asked questions, as well as other information which may help victim in the process of making the decision to end the cycle of violence and to find appropriate help and support.

The part designed for state bodies, institutions and civil society organizations, besides the contact data and relevant texts about the problem will be open for sharing information on current events and
trainings in order to improve cooperation between all actors, which provide help and support to women victims of violence.

The campaign is supported by a number of public figures from the world of music, art and science. Among them are many musicians – Jelena Radan, Meritas, Sandra Bagarić Martina Tomčić, Nina Badrić, Luka Nižetić, Ida Prester Maja Vučić, Ivica Propadalo and the band Teška industrija, Davorin Bogović, Žan Jakopač, Ana and Mario Rucner, radio hosts Irina Čulinović, Sonja Šarunić, Barbara Kolar, writers Rujana Jeger and Mima Simić, sociologist and sexologyst Aleksandar Štulhofer, actors/actresses-directors group comprised of Ksenija Marinković, Urša Raukar, Goran Bogdan, Vinko Brešan, Mario Kovač, Ana Begić, Petra Dugandžić, Lada Bonacci, designerr Ivica Skoko and other public figures.

We thank our guest lecturers as well as everybody who supported this campaign by attending the presentation of its website “Safe Zone”.

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