Public action „Raising public awareness about the issue of domestic violence!“

Within the scope of the project implemented by the Women’s Room, in collaboration with the Office of the Mayor, we organized a large public action on Saturday, October 20, in Zagreb, on the intersection of Gajeva and Bogovićeva Streets. The action lasted from 11h to 13h and sparked a great interest of citizens.
Support for the action was demonstrated by the Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, who expressed his support for women victims of domestic violence in a short speech.
Celebrities who joined the action were Lana Banely, Zdenka Kovačiček, Teo Perić, Mirela Holy and many others. Program of the action was led by Sonja Šarunić who called concerned citizens to show their support and contribute to the prevention of domestic violence.

T-shirt „ Save your strength for tenderness!“, created for this occasion by our renown designer Teo Perić was presented at the action. For those who were not able to come on Saturday and would like a T-shirt, and thus to support this action – contact the Women’s Room via e-mail or phone.

We would like to thank numerous volunteers of the Women’s Room who generously donated their time, energy, and provided support for this action and the entire Women’s Room!

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