Public lecture given by the Professor Leonore Tiefer

Professor Leonore Tiefer delivered lecture on July 3, 2009 in the round table premises of the City of Zagreb. Lecture was organized by Women’s Room, Croatian Society for Sexual Therapy and Women’s Forum of SDP. Topics of the lecture included: new concept of women’s sexual dysfunctions and medicalization of sexual health. Professor Tiefer is clinical psychologist specialized for sex and gender topics and author, lecturer, researcher, therapist and activist. She is employed as a Professor of Psychiatry at the New York School of Medicine and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her curriculum vitae includes 150 scientific papers and professional publications. She is one of the main editors of very significant collection of papers on feminist sexology that was developed into educational campaign called “New view education campaigne” . Lecture was attended by experts in the field of human sexuality, numerous students of various departments and women’s rights activists.