See you next year at Split Pride!

Split Pride took place this past Saturday. Our member Paula Zore also participated in the march!Counter-arguments that reached Paula included a rock thrown in her head as an expression of disagreement. Among hundred and fifty march participants, majority was target of rocks, lighters, glass bottles, cans, tar gas, plants ripped from city premises and other objects that hooligans found handy.

Extremely high level of hate, homophobia and intolerance was expressed in Split by the city authorities, media, Catholic Church and its representatives, and unfortunately by the police, which failed to undertake all required measures to protect march participants.

We would like to invite all citizens to support fight for the right to diversity and the right to public assembly by participating in ZAGREB PRIDE on June 18 at 2 pm!

Let us rebel against intimidation and violence perpetrated by the homophobic part of the Croatian society, supported by institutions and part of public either by open support for hatred or by failure to sanction the violence.

Team of Women’s Room  

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