Support the Guide Dog and Mobility Association by purchasing calendar with hockey players Medveščak

On January 12, 2013, hokey players of Medveščak presented a calendar through which they want to attract attention and remind all of us of the importance of guide dogs and consideration for people who are safer in the streets because of them. In order for their training to be more numerous and easier, we have teamed up with the Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association and produced a calendar “Always Together” starring Lala, Xanta, Bono, Vili and Heidi alongside the players.

Gal Koren, Alan Letang, Saša Martinović, Andy Sertich, Brandon Buck and Michael Ouzas presented everyday situations, such as tram or taxi ride or going to a restaurant where they were always accompanied by their guide dogs, which should be possible in everyday life!

Photographs were a volunteer work of the member and photographer of the Women’s Room, Boris Krstinić.

You can support this action by purchasing a calendar that will be available at all matches of the Arena Ice Fever, and at the Guide Dog and Mobility Association.

Calendar can be viewed at the following link .