The Women’s Room is launching media campaign “STOP Sexual Violence”

The Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights is launching media campaign “STOP Sexual Violence”. Campaign will be organized in cooperation with the best Croatian design and marketing agencies such as Fingere, Imago, McCann Erickson, Reber, and Šesnić & Turkovi. Media sponsorship for the campaign is provided by the Europapress Holding (EPH) and Večernji list. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the public about issues of sexual violence and abuse.

Sexual violence is one of the most severe, and at the same time the least reported, forms of violence. Together with family violence it represents dominant forms of gender-based violence, forms in which in most cases a man is the perpetrator and over 90% of victims are women. The most vulnerable group in regards to age is youth.

Sexual violence is widely present, from sexual harassment (unwanted sexual comments and offers, verbal invitations, physical touch and blackmail, upsetting phone calls, sexist comments and jokes) and sexual abuse (unwanted sexual behavior with the use of force and/or blackmail, which include physical contact with the perpetrator, such as unwanted and forced touching of intimate parts of the body, sexual activities manipulated through lies, blackmail, pressure) through rape to trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual exploitation and/or pornography.

Sexual violence occurs more often than most of the people think. Its consequences are far reaching and many people are not ready to admit that. Its price – psychological, health and economic, for the person, her family as well as for the greater community is enormous and it does not allow us a possibility of silent tolerance.

This nottification hes been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this nottification are the sole responsibility of the Women’s Room and can no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.