Women’s Room’s volunteer – a candidate for Volunteer Oscar

 Anotnija HojtVolunteer Oscar is an annual award given to the Volunteer of the Year for individual contribution in the City of Zagreb. Award Volunteer Oscar recognizes specific and irreplaceable contribution that volunteers provide in community development and increasing quality of life in the City of Zagreb. The award Volunteer Oscar is given by the Volunteers’ Center Zagreb. It was established through the project “Volunteer Service – Solidarity and Community”, funded by the European Commission (program PHARE 2006) and the city of Zagreb.At this moment, the second round is open of the award process for the Volunteer Oscar, Zagreb award for the volunteer of the year. In the first round, decision was made by the expert commission, based on criteria of the competition, and three candidates were chosen for the second round of the competition. Now citizens will decide which candidate deserves this award by voting on the website of the Volunteers’ Centre Zagreb .

One of the candidates is our volunteer and more recently full-fledged member of the Women’s Room’s Team, Antonija Hojt, who has, through her creative ideas and selfless devotion of her time, energy and knowledge, significantly contributed to the prevention of sexual violence, trafficking in persons and achieving gender equality. Support Anotnija Hojt by your vote and, at the same time, work and vision of the Women’s Room: “Society without patriarchy, discrimination, misogyny and gender-based violence where individual expressions are basic values”.

Thank you!

Women’s Room’s Team