Training “Prevention of sexual harassment among youth” organized for students

Two-day training for students was held on March 26 and 27, 2010 within the scope of the project “Prevention of sexual violence – new generation”, funded by the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport. The training was focused on the issue of sexual harassment among youth and methods of work with youth. Training was led by Women’s Room’s members, Maja Vukmanić (Coordinator of the Center for Victims of Sexual Violence) and Antonija Hojt (project assistant).We would like to express thanks to all volunteers who participated in the training and who will continue working in the Women’s Room: Dora Dobrica, Ana Horvat, Dajana Jurinčić, Marija Lokin, Tea Brezinščak, Jelena Perak, Valentina Popović, Zrinka Ivanković, Katia Čolakovac, Lana Žigić, Ana Nekić, Maja Jagar, Eva Šmit, Ivana Peri, Bernarda Barbarić and Aleksandra Pijuko!